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Father-Daughter Dance Songs from the Seventies

Looking back at the seventies we know that it brought us a great variety of music styles, including disco, funk, new wave and classic rock.  This decade also brought us some beautiful father-daughter songs that are often a part of a DJ’s playlist still to this day.  You will notice that Stevie Wonder has two songs that are in thisRead the rest of this page »

Father-Daughter Dance Songs from the Oldies

The early fifties and sixties may be a long time ago but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t explore some of the classics that were brought to us in this time.  Here are some of the songs that seem to still stand the test of time when brides are choosing songs to dance with their fathers. Unforgettable – NatRead the rest of this page »

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80’s Retro Theme Party

The Hottest and Newest – 80’s Party The 80’s was a very unique era of time. It was full of loud colors, extreme fashion, sky high hair, and forever defining music. The 80’s were defined by its music Michael Jackson Madonna Air Supply Prince Tiffany U2 The Police Aerosmith R.E.M Bon Jovi Whitney Houston Tina Turner …just to name aRead the rest of this page »

Join the Dancers Club

See that link on the right side. Yes. That one. Click on it and sign up. Since many of us got older, dancing seems to have gone away. Other then the odd Wedding, there is really no place to go dance to the music we grew up with. Bryan Adams, BTO, BeeGees, Air Supply, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, and soRead the rest of this page »

The quality of entertainment is exceptional. We have found that Name that Tune keeps the guests at the party longer and having a good time for the entire evening. - Dianne Clarkson, SGI, Lloydminster