Most Corporate functions start and stop with the Christmas Party. And this is where Music X Alberta shines.

Our clients who have a dancing crowd, know first hand that our music programming while different at each event, works. We have developed playlists over time that cover a wide range of dancing tastes so there is something for everyone, and we really push for that the majority will get up out of their seats for.

Remembering there are only roughly 60 total songs in any 4 hour event, this does not preclude us from taking requests, in fact those requests are in most cases what makes your event unique. As long as the attendee will actually dance to the request they make.

Here are the Top 200 most requested songs from 2018 Christmas Parties. CLICK HERE

Obviously many of these are the foundation of our set lists. But every night is different.

Below are our standard Christmas Packages. Know in advance, we can fully customize any event to suit your exact needs.

    Prices Based in the Edmonton Area  
4 Hours Single DJ, Sound System. Ideal for 100 people or less. $799
  Twin DJ Event, Sound System. Ideal for 100-250 people $999
NTT / DJ  
4 Hours Sound System, Ideal for 100 people or less.  
+ 2 hours Cocktail/Dinner $1200
4 Hours NTT/DJ  
+ 2 hours Cocktail/Dinner  
  Small lighting effects  
  Ideal for 100-250 people $1450

We also have some very interesting non traditional Corporate DJ Services that go above and beyond just Christmas Parties. Perhaps because when we started back in the day we were in Calgary and Stampede Breakfasts were a thing, or perhaps when we opened our first USA offices and we found Customer Appreciation Events that occurred during the day, we expanded our Alberta Corporate Services to include these types of events.

Please check out the following packages we have created that are PERFECT for your next Staff or Customer Appreciation event.

Lip Sync Battle

We’ve been doing a version of this for years, but the new television show starring LL Cool J, and model Chrissy Teigen have taken this new format to incredible heights.

Helping produce epic battles, contestants are outfitted not only with microphones but props, costumes and even backup singers.

Make your guests the stars of your party. Our show, a trip to Value Village, a little time to work on their roles and you have an entire night of entertainment.

Ideal for fundraisers, teamwork development, and a night’s entertainment.

Staff / Customer Appreciation

2-4 Hours of great music right in your own parking lot.

You choose the theme. Beach, Classic Rock, Oldies, Country, 80’s, the possibilities are endless. A little decoration or maybe even a BBQ on your part, and we’ve got the music and the microphone ready to go. Now your event has some bang.

Our MusicX truck pulls up and 10 minutes later the music is everywhere. Now make it an event. Either you or our staff can run through specials or product information or just announcements to a mostly captive audience. Draw attention to your location and your event.

Ideal for

Car Dealerships, Shopping Malls, Community Events, Retail/Staff Parking Lots, Block Parties. If you have the space, we have the music.

Price is based on Mon – Fri, $150 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.